Help Heal Dakota and Montana

We look a bit empty right now ... here is why.

We were recently contacted by a compassionate individual who informed us about a heartbreaking situation. Following the passing of their neighbor, a loving dog mama and dad were left behind with their four precious pups. Loving homes for the parents were found, but the battle wasn't over for the pups.

Initially believed to be in good health, Dakota took a turn for the worse, and a parvo test confirmed our fears. Starting his treatment on a Monday, Dakota's condition deteriorated rapidly, leading to the heartbreaking decision to hospitalize him by Tuesday. The following night, his brother Montana also fell ill to this relentless virus.

We have temporarily re-homed our pups to keep them all safe from this costly and life-threatening disease but the generosity of our community always gives us hope.

Please click the link below to read more and see how you can help.

With gratitude and love,

Mission Bay Puppy Rescue

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